Living the Dream in Southern California

The Southern California DeLorean Club is one of the longest continuing DeLorean clubs in the country. Southern California, as a whole, represents one of the largest concentrations of these stainless steel wonders in the world. Based on the metropolis that spreads from Santa Barbara to San Diego, this club entertains a varying demographic of people with the common interest of enjoying life from a “gull-winged” point of view. We enjoy spending time driving and promoting our cars in many different ways. Simply driving it can make getting there the best part!

The sharp, distinctive lines of the DeLorean leave no room for doubt: this car is a high-tech machine, a stainless steel interface between you and the road, a reliably engineered machine that will take you wherever you want to go. That’s just the start of what an enthusiast can enjoy.

Club participation is open to all DeLorean owners and enthusiasts, and joining our club is absolutely FREE! If you would like to receive notifications regarding upcoming events and activities, we invite you to join our email list.

Thank you for visiting us as we continue to bring smiles to the public with our stainless steel sports coupe and continue to Live the Dream!

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