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Southern California DeLorean Club

January 21, 1981 was a day of history when JZD rolled off one of the first production DeLorean automobiles out of the factory doors and into the public eye. Car enthusiasts throughout the world caught on the “buzz” that a stainless steel sports coupe will be arriving in the United States. A large number of pre-orders for the stainless steel car originated here in Southern California. JZD’s dream begins its trip in reality lane.

Numerous problems plagued the DeLorean project from 1981 to 1982. The “troubles” in Northern Ireland, recession in the states, along with production and business problems within the DeLorean Motor Company is crippling the project. By October of 1982, the British Government would not lend JZD any more money in order to keep the factory operating. The company is out of cash. In a last desperate move to save his company, JZD inadvertently got involved in drug trafficking which made headline news throughout the world. The breaking news prompted the British Government to order the DeLorean Motor Cars, LTD in Dunmarry, No. Ireland to be shut down.

DeLorean owners around the world, especially in Southern California felt abandoned. The DeLorean DMC-12 became an orphaned car. Factory and company support no longer exists.

The “Southern California DeLorean Club” was started in June of 1983 by a few excited individuals to who wanted to continue to “Live the Dream” after the DeLorean Motor Company closed. It grew to over a hundred members in just a couple of months.

In October of 1983, an application was accepted by the DeLorean Owners Association (DOA) to also become Chapter 12, subtitled “Metropolitan Los Angeles”. A few years later, with interest increasing, another chapter was created and accepted as Chapter 28, “San Diego and Vicinity”.

Due to Southern California being the huge connected metropolis from Santa Barbara to San Diego, an event from either chapter could draw anybody. Ultimately, the two chapters merged under Chapter 12, and applied the club name as the new chapter title – “Southern California DeLorean Club”.

When the DOA was forced to disband chapters, the club retained its identity, and continued with the same enthusiasm.

Being a totally volunteer effort, events have always been put together on an ad-hoc basis by those who’ve had the time to arrange such.

There has never been a charge for membership. Activities are all social, and have included fun drives, car rallies, participation in parades, barbecues, and seasonal parties. Some of these events have been noted in automotive magazines around the world.

In 2007, the DOA re-instituted chapters. With enough of the original members supporting, the club took back its chapter number.

DeLorean owners and non-owners alike are more than welcome to join the club. The only requirement for membership is that you be an enthusiast, and try to attend one event a year! Membership is free.

Of course, as an Association Chapter, there will be events that receive sponsorship from the DOA. In that regard, non-DOA members may be asked to pay a charge for something the Association has paid for. (So much for a disclaimer!)

Contact between members has usually been made by either phone, direct mail, email, social media sites specific with the Southern California DeLorean club.

To find out what events are planned, or to simply get involved, please check the Event link. If you like to join us at an event, please RSVP on the events your are interested.

To get onto our list of members, get more information, or volunteer with an idea or more support, please send a message to: info@socaldeloreans.org

One thing for sure, there are lots of DeLorean DMC 12 sports coupes in Southern California!